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And what about other clocks?

Extract of user's manuals

  • Only number of moves played by black is displayed

  • A move counter is available in Tournament modes only

  • During the play number of moves can be changed in Fischer tournament modes only

  • If the game is beeing played according to the FIDE method and it is required to continue in the phase in which time is added per move, it is only possible to do this by transferring the actual time for each player in a manual set of Fischer rapid. Make note of the time, use the On/Off key to return to the option choice, select option number 23 and key in the times and the bonus per move.

  • User mode creation (no handicap): After entering the data for the left-hand player enter the same data for the right-hand player. Repeat this for all periods.

  • A ":" indicates that the times displayed are in hours and minutes, a "." indicates that the times displayed are in minutes and seconds.

  • If the display starts to show a small triangle, it indicates that the moment in a game has been reached in which time per move is added.

  • In case of malfunction, first disconnect and reconnect the batteries.

  • One user mode only

  • Max. three periods

  • Handicap is allowed in one-period modes only

  • Troubleshooting: If no response when the play button is pressed, make sure that the opposite button is not being depressed.

  • We do not recommend setting different whole game and maximum free times for the left and right-hand players in Bronstein or Bonus timer modes. If you do so, only the left-hand player's time control will be displayed when you select User mode or reset the clocks.

  • Computers sometimes "lock up" due to static discharge or other electrical disturbances. If this happens, reinstall the batteries and use a paper clip or another sharp object to press into the hole marked ACL at least one second. This clears the memory including user mode...

  • Turn the clock with neither play switch pressed. This selects user modes 1 to 4. Turn the clock with left play switch pressed. This selects user modes 5 to 8 and so on.

  • 70 modes is too many to remember by number. Short abbreviations make remembering easier, e.g. CH-F1, CH-F2, CH-A1. GO-J1 and AD-1 are abbreviations for modes 7 and 8. Abbreviations appear on both (numeric only) displays, one abbreviation on each display.

  • 70 modes does not mean 70 different modes. There are a smaller number of basic modes with variations on these consisting mostly of different numbers of time-controls or display formats.

  • Modes PR-C2, PR-C2A and PR-C2B are similar to PR-C1, PR-C1A and PR-C1B, but with three time controls.

  • Why should it need a 65-page manual? The clock has a lot of features. The alternative is to remove some features, but then some users would probably request them, and we would be back to where we started.

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