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Chess Clock LISA

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why digital clock...

  • Why should I buy LISA for USD 130 if some other clocks are available from half the price?

    LISA is the high performance and quality clock. It's features are world-unique. Despite of this, the price corresponds to the middle class only. More ...

    There is real risk that after first change in FIDE laws or playing rules cheaper clock would not be able to meet new requirements and therefore it can be used for simple blitz and rapid any more. LISA allows upgrade - future innovations and changes of its own features.

    Nowadays some new clocks (comparable to LISA only as for the price but not features) are sold close-out because of impossibility to play according new FIDE modes. LISA is once only cost!

    LISA - clock friendly to players as well as arbiters

  • How many play modes does LISA have?

    Who asks this question based on his experience with other digital clocks expects an exact answer (e.g. 32). However, LISA is complex in so far as this question has nearly similar character like: "How many kilometers of rail metals does your helicopter have got?"

    There are 128 fully independent basic modes. All bonus modes even allow to select arbitrary bonus adding method (which multiplies the number by four). In addition to this, all user bonus modes can be switched in order to add bonus only if remaining time is less than the predefined amount of time.

    Usual modes are preprogrammed to be fixed, others (which represent the majority of total number of modes) are the user ones, i.e. they can be set according to individual needs to any play modes including the special ones (Repeated last period, Gong...). They remains in memory even after switching power off, can be changed in an arbitrary way or deleted (to improve selection of other modes).

  • How many periods (time controls) do modes have?

    All modes (except of Blitz and Rapid where periods are irrelevant) can have up to 6 periods. In addition to this, there are a mode allowing up to 99 periods (it is even more than number of moves of relatively long chess game).

  • What is the reason of upgrade if LISA has extended possibilities to create user modes?

    LISA has a lot of options which can be selected and modified by the user according to his needs. These settings can be made directly with the clock, namely by the comfortable way using pushbuttons and menu. To do this, neither programming module nor a computer is needed. This is intended for selection of modes and (with respect to given rules) creation of one's own modes (called user modes) and accomplishing many other selections and settings. These possibilities are extended but they can not be quite unlimited.

    On the contrary, upgrade means principial changes not covered by options which can be set by the user himself. This is the change of control program of the clock. It is intended especially for cases if new requirements appear in future.

    Example: After an illegal move two minutes are added to the opponent (FIDE laws, paragraph 7.4). This can be immediately accomplished (by pressing double buttons). If FIDE changes the penalty time in future, LISA will need upgrade for the Penalty option.

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