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Color indication

Color indication (LED) of clock status and the player having the move:
  • Both LEDs in orange - beginning of game, time is stopped. Waiting for switching the oponent's clock on by player having blacks.
  • Green LED - time is passing, the player has the move
  • Orange LED - time stopped, the player has the move. Waiting e.g. for promotion of missing piece or the arbiter just finished changes in times, number of moves etc. Playing can immediately continue.
  • No LED - the game is not started yet. Setting of clock before the beginning of the game (play mode selection or time adjusting and so on). The game can be started after exiting the menu.


  • Times - current times are shown always in full format (hours, minutes and seconds). After time overstepping the rising time is displayed. In case of bilateral overstepping it is indicated who was the first one.
  • Extra time - for best orientation in passing time, the extra time is displayed in all bonus modes in two ways: in numeric as well as via the bargraph. It allows optimal orientation for effective time economization.
  • Number of moves - current number of moves of both players and the player having the move are displayed on request
  • Changes during the game: during the whole change process (and even after finishing) new as well as the original times are shown. Changes can be confirmed or cancelled (original values are restored in this case). Even after confirmation the original valus are shown and can be restored.

Play modes

  • Play modes: hundreds of modes of all types, most of them are user ones
    • Mode selection: modes are selected from the library in two steps - one of 16 groups is selected first and than the individual mode is selected. All selections are based on names.   More ...
    • List mode - current mode can be watched in details. Parameters are displayed with comments. Data can not be changed while listing.
    • Edit mode - user mode can be created or changed. All data are shown in the same format as in List mode.
    • Delete mode - an existing mode can be deleted
    • Checking proper mode selection - before beginning, after interrupting or even during the game it can be immediately checked whether the proper mode including bonus adding method and bonus finish limit (if any) is selected. Mode name, the mode group name and adding method are displayed. In addition to this, the identification code ("mode number") is shown as well.
  • Handicap: Time limits for both players can be quite different , even in all periods and including the bonus

  • Favourite mode: is selected automatically after the clock is powered on. Favourit mode is user selectable.

Changes during the game

Everything can be quickly and simply changed: number of moves, the player having the move, current period and all times including extra time.

In addition to this, all typical situations can be immediately solved automatically:
  • Taking back a move: the move and the time can be immediately taken back without stopping the clock (e.g. after illegal move)
  • Changing a player having the move
  • Correction of number of moves after a failure: immediate correction of number of moves without change of time after incorrect handling with the clock by players:
    • Deduction of a halfmove
    • Addition of a halfmove

    Thus, all incorrect situations which typically occur during games can be easily and quickly solved.

    • Deduction of double halfmoves - e.g. after wrong reaction to illegal move (simple switching the clock instead of taking back a move)
    • Addition of double halfmoves - e.g. if the player omits to switch the clock and the opponent continues by his move.
  • Penalty
    • Illegal move - after an illegal move two minutes (FIDE laws, art. 7.4) can be auttomatically added to the opponent
    • Incorrect claim - after incorrect claim of draw the correction can be automatically done: addition of 3 minutes to the opponent and reduction the player's time (the amount depends on current time - FIDE laws, art. 9.5).
    In both cases resulting times are shown to be confirmed while the original times are still displayed.
  • Delayed team arrival - if one or both teams do not arrive in time and it is necessary to reduce times, no manual correction is needed. LISA supports immediate solution using a special feature for this purpose.

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