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Chess Clock LISA

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  • Two big displays show remaining players' times. The whole time is always displayed, i.e. hours, minutes and seconds.

  • Third alphanumeric display communicates with the user. Handling using the menu is similar as for good celular phones.

  • Light indication - dual color, distant wide angle visibility

  • Seven pushbuttons: two play ones, Stop and four setting ones: +, - (changes up / down), Escape (return) and Enter (confirmation)

  • Memory for user modes, settings of the clock and the whole game. Data are available even after turning the clock off.

  • Sound indication – selectable tic tac, beep on move etc.

  • Battery cells for min. 1000 operating hours which results in costs about 0.003 EUR per hour and a player.

  • Programming connector (ICSP) which allows to change the LISA's operating program by the user (upgrade)

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