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Bonus modes

What is the purpose of bonus modes...

Bonus adding

There are two alternatives how to add the bonus:

  • Fischer - unused part of the bonus is added to main thinking time
  • Bronstein - unused part of the bonus is not added to main thinking time

    The example for a game with bonus 30 s per move:

    • A player consumed 20 sec for the move. Thus, there is 10 sec left from his bonus. In case of Fischer, this 10 sec is added to player's main time (and can be spent anytime later), in case of Bronstein, the player's main time remains unchanged and this 10 sec is lost.

    • A player consumed 45 sec for the move. Thus, he consumed all his bonus and lost 15 sec from his main time. Fischer or Bronstein, the result is the same in this case.

Another point of view is the time of addition of bonus:

  • Add before - bonus is added after pressing the opponent's play button

  • Add after - the player receives bonus after pressing his own play button

Thus, there are four adding methods: Fischer before, Bronstein before, Fischer after and Bronstein after. LISA allows to select any of these combinations for any bonus mode.

The Bronstein Add before is probably the most suitable mode: it is congenial if bonus is added before the move (it is a time dedicated to a move, neither a reward for a move nor for the fact that the player has not been checkmated yet) and performs the basic task of bonus (to avoid critical time-trouble), not supporting "unfair" delay e.g. in a game if a player quickly makes a series of moves to "pump" his clock in the ending which allows him to think twice how to enforce illusory advantage, while all other games are still over and next tournament round is delayed.

Displaying of extra time passing

Displaying of extra time passing in tournament modes is very important for the player having the move. It is evident that the player do not ignore whether he is still thinking in time alloted to current move or his main time is already reducing. In Bronstein adding metod this information is even more important.

No usual clocks do not display extra time passing at all (they do not have where to display it). Thus, players suffer from lack of substantial data (and grandmasters complain for new play modes) but in addition to this, the Bronstein Add before mode is not feasible for such a clock.

LISA displays in all bonus modes not only "whether" but even "how long" is the player still allowed to think for the time allotted for current move. The manufacturer considers this feature to be so important that LISA displays extra time passing even in two ways: in digits and via the bargraph! LISA offers perfect orientation to players which is needed for effective time economization.

Different bonuses in different periods

LISA allows different bonuses in different periods. It is convenient to reduce thinking time especially in the finishing of game (to reduce situations when the result depends on the time rather then the position). The most suitable tool for this is the shortened bonus in successive periods. But these modes are still not requested since hardly any actual clock was not able to provide such modes.

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