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Chess Clock LISA

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Basic Features

Technical facilities and sophisticated conception of clock LISA offers features which are not available for any other digital clocks. LISA is not intended to time measurement only but it has a lot of other functions. Thanks to microprocessor inside it works even as a computer optimally supporting all typical situations which occur during a play.

LISA is a clock of quite a new generation. In addition to all standard features it has a lot of unique ones of general importance.

  • LISA is assembled with third display, which communicates in selected language

  • Handling is very simple and intuitive (nearly "without a manual") – the user is tutored with the menu

  • All information needed is visible at the same time and in the intelligible way

  • All important view functions are strictly separated from the change ones. Data can not be changed during viewing. In case of changes, even the original data are visible as well.

  • Any desired change can be simply done even during the play. In addition to this, all standard situations can be immediately solved automatically!

  • Important events (e.g. redefinig of a play mode) are allowed after confirmation

  • Arbitrary number of time periods (alloted time for prescribed number of moves) up to 99

  • Hundreds of play modes, most of them are user ones

  • All types of modes including the most natural Bronstein, Add before mode which was practically not available so far. Possibility of various bonus in various periods. Possibility to add bonus in finishing of the game only.

  • Modes "report" themselves to the user with their full names. It is possible to look "into" a mode, create user's own modes and assign user's own names to them.

  • LISA is constructed with maximal respect to habits of players used to play with mechanical clocks

  • LISA's functionality is not fixed but it can be changed in the future, e.g. by adding new play modes and functions requested after changes in FIDE laws or play rules (upgrade)

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