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Play modes

Features related to modes ...

  • All types of play modes, hundreds of options to select
  • hundreds of modes, most of them user ones
  • Arbitrary number (up to 99) of independent time periods
  • Traditional modes
    • Blitz
    • Rapid
    • Tournament chess
    • Clasiccal modes - with repeated last period (not only the second one)
  • Bonus modes - all types:
    • Fischer - unused part of the bonus is added to main thinking time
    • Bronstein - unused part of the bonus is not added to main thinking time
      • Add before - bonus added before the move
      • Add after - bonus added after the move

      All combination available: Fischer Before, Fischer After, Bronstein Before and Bronstein After

      All user modes allow bonus to be added just in final part of last period only. This time limit can be set to arbitrary value independently on other parameters of the mode.

      Possibility of various bonus in various periods

    • FIDE 2000, FIDE 2001 and  FIDE 2002 modes
    • Modes for training and fun - Gong, Hour glass…

    User modes

    LISA has two types of play modes:

    • Fixed modes - are predefined by the manufacturer. They can not be changed. (The only way how to do it is upgrade). The only parameter which can be selected for fixed mode by the user is bonus adding method. All four types are available for all bonus modes.
    • User modes - created by the user according his individual needs. Everything can be set in quite unlimited way: type of the game (including Gong etc.), number of periods, times, bonuses and their adding methods. User modes obtain even user-specific arbitrary names!


    All user modes allow to have different times for both players. This settings can be quite unlimited (including different bonuses) and can be different in different periods.

    Handicap is the only case that needs to specify times for both players while creating user play mode. If the user does not explicitly specify that current mode is a handicap one, he is not bothered by necessity of specifying doubled data.

    Orientation in plenty of modes

    Information and orders: infolisacz