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Orientation in modes

Orientation in plenty of modes

Every play mode has its own name (16 characters). For easy orientation modes are organized in 16 groups which are also named. The names should descript characters of individual groups of modes (upper line) and modes (lower line). The example:
     5 min      
  Rapid bonus   
 20 min+5s/move 
Tournament bonus
   FIDE 2001    
Groups which contains only user modes can receive arbitrary names. E.g., the organizer can create a group of modes for his K.O. system tournament and his own modes in it:
XY Cup Lyon 2003
30 min + 5s/move
XY Cup Lyon 2003
 4 min+2s/move  
XY Cup Lyon 2003
 5min / 4min   
Another example can be creating of a group of coffee-house modes with modes like:
 De la Regence  
5/2m with double

What is "inside the mode"?

It is possible to view mode parameters in detail and comfortable way. The user can browse screens with detailed and understable descriptions. Data can not be (unintentionally) changed.

An example for mode FIDE 2001:
Tournament bonus
   FIDE 2001    
  No handicap   
No of periods:2 
 Fischer before 
P1  40 moves    
P2  guillotine  
The example for user blitz mode with handicap 5min vs. 3min without bonus assigned as the favourite mode:
 5 min / 3 min  
 User Favourite 
No of periods:1 
    No bonus    
‹P1  guillotine 
›P1  guillotine 

Creation of user mode

Creation of new mode is user-friendly as well. Displaying format is the same as for listing and in addition to this the data can be changed. Current parameter flashes.

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