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Chess Clock LISA

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New Generation Digital Chess Clock

LISA represents new approach to chess clock focused to current needs of players and arbiters.

LISA is not only a clock. Thanks to microprocessor inside it works even as a computer optimally supporting all typical situations which occur during a play.


High performance, excellent manageability

  • LISA is assembled with third display, which communicates in selected language

  • Control using Menu - intuitive, nearly "without a manual"

  • Allows fast and comfortable arbiter's intervention

  • Unique features of play modes, perfect orientation in play modes

LISA is once only cost!

LISA allows to change its features in the future, e.g. adding new play modes and functions requested after changes in FIDE laws or play rules needs.

Marvelous features!

LISA - clock friendly to players as well as arbiters

[LISA] Chess clock LISA

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